Online Privacy: Getting Started

There are so many different ways we're being watched, it's easy to think having any privacy is hopeless, but you shouldn't give up. On Saturday, July 16 at noon we're hosting an online privacy workshop here at SPL. It will be very hands on, so bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop (or all three)  so fix your settings, download apps, and add browser extensions to keep your online activities safe from prying eyes. In the meantime here are some easy steps you can take now to lay the foundations of a secure online life: Tape over your computer's webcam. Lock your phone, laptop and tablet. Install two or three anti-tracking plugins for your browser, such as Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Disconnect,  or Abine’s Blur. View your Facebook profile as someone else and change your privacy settings if you see anything you don’t want strangers to see. Never let a browser save your passwords Install an antitheft app like Prey or Lookout. For text messaging using an encryption app like Signal. Stay tuned for more privacy tips in the near future.    

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