The Board of Library Trustees, a governing body of the Library, helps to support Somerville Public Library's long-range planning, advocacy, public relations, outreach, and fundraising efforts.

The Somerville Public Library is dedicated to providing materials and services that meet the educational, cultural, recreational and informational needs of all people in the community. From introducing libraries to young children and their families, to supporting their needs in school, to meeting their recreational and educational needs as adults, the library supports life-long learning and reading enjoyment of the community. The library strives to provide equal access to all members of the community. Trustees meet monthly and serve on subcommittees.

Katherine L. Van Sleet, President
Dr. Laura Saunders, Vice President
Maren Chiu
Mark Howland
Abigail Mancini
June Pietrantoni
Peter Scheidler
Judy Walter
Akil Williams

Please contact any of the Trustees, if you wish, at:
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