Request materials from other libraries

Books and other materials not owned by libraries within the Minuteman Network can often be obtained from the Commonwealth Catalog (ComCat). If you cannot locate the item using ComCat, please follow the instructions, below, for requesting it via "interlibrary loan" (ILL) from libraries outside of Massachusetts.

To Request an Interlibrary Loan:

  • Complete the ILL Request Form (below), or
  • Call the Central Library Reference Desk at 617-623-5000, x2955, or x2964, or
  • Submit your request via email to Please remember to include your library card number.

How you will be notified:

  • E-mail (if you've given us your email address) or
  • Via phone

Where you will pick up the item:

Depending on your preference, requested items can be held for you upstairs at the Reference Desk at the Central Library or at the Circulation Desk at one of the branches. Requested items will be held for you until they are due. Interlibrary loan materials circulate for different lengnths of time, determined by the lending library. Renewals are sometimes possible. Contact the interlibrary loan department as soon as you know that you need a renewal via email or via phone, at: 617-623-5000 x2941. Loans must be returned to the Central Library or one of its branches.

Patrons may request magazine and journal articles through Interlibrary Loan as well using the Journal Article Request Form. Articles that are five pages or less are free.  After the first five pages there is a fee of 15 cents per page.

Please note that the length of time it takes for us to receive materials owned by libraries outside the Minuteman Network varies depending on their point of origin and availability.  For more information, please call the Interlibrary Loan Department at (617) 623-5000 x2941, or email us.

Notice of Possible Fees

We will not be able to tell in advance when you make a request if it will be free. We will, of course, try to borrow from a free lender first.

We will need to know in advance if you are will willing to pay for your ILL requests. Please put "free," "up to $10," "up to $20," or "at any cost" on your request. If you agree to a fee you will need to bring a check payable to "Wellesley Free Library" (our regional ILL library) when you pick up the item.

Please limit your ILL request to 1 per week.

Interlibrary Loan Forms:

ILL Request Form for Books, DVDs, CDs

ILL Request Form for Journal or Magazine Articles