June 26th 2014
A: According to Jessamyn West (the self-described “most famous librarian on the Internet” - well, maybe neck and neck with Nancy Pearl), a lot! West was very energetic; this is the least blurred picture of her presentation.West, who is a big champion of library technology and civil liberties, gave the talk last night at Central during a thank you celebration the Friends of the Somerville Public Library threw for its volunteers. She is also an advocate of bridging the digital divide, especially... Read Post
February 27th 2013
Here is a review of Saturday's program by Kim Philips Millican, who is a member of the Friends of the Library.  Thank you Kim! On Saturday, the Friends of the Somerville Public Library held a showing of “In the Blood”, a documentary by Sumner McKane that illustrated the history of the Maine lumbermen and river drivers. According to the documentary’s website (http://inthebloodmovie.com), Mr. McKane presents “a historical subject with a contemporary and entertaining presentation” which turns a... Read Post
December 27th 2012
Last Saturday the Friends of the Library sponsored another great program.  We were fortunate to have a new volunteer,  Kim Millican Phillips,  tell us about the event.    Many thanks to Kim, who in addition to blogging has also joined the Friends of the Library.  As a part of the Design Talk series, Stephen Tourlentes and Amber Davis Tourlentes, instructors from Mass Art, reflected upon Kodachrome and took the audience on a journey about the evolution of Kodachrome slides. Kodachrome was a... Read Post
August 17th 2012
Blogging on this site was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and favorite books with everyone. However, today is my last day as a Somerville Public Library staff member, therefore this will be my last blog post. I would like to say good-bye and thank you to all the staff for such a wonderful work experience. Maria is a kind and caring director. Ellen is so nice, kind-hearted, and helpful. I loved talking to Marita about good books. Ron is really friendly and a perfect... Read Post
July 16th 2012
Hi everyone! I am Susan Hassan, a new part-time student employee at the Somerville Public Library. Next year, I will be a junior at Somerville High School. I love to read, shop, and travel. I excel academically and enjoy joining clubs and participating in community service. Next year, I will be the vice president of the community service club in the high school! I have been an SPF 100 youth leader for 2 years, which is a group of about 10 youth leaders under SCAP, where we work to reduce... Read Post
July 13th 2012
Hello! My name is Zoe Blickenderfer. I graduated from Somerville High School last month and I will be working at the Somerville Public Library for the next five weeks. During my stay, I will be blogging about the projects I am working on, events at the library, and books I am reading. As you may or may not know, right now the library is in the middle of redoing its invoicing system. This will be the biggest project that volunteers, Susan (the other student worker), and I will be focusing on.... Read Post
June 1st 2012
Friend of the Library and guest blogger, Sarah Wolf, attended last night's program and had this to share. A big thank you to Sarah for writing this, and to Patricia for speaking at the Somerville Public Library! Meet, Mingle, Read (May 31, 2012) “I hope the book serves as a reminder not just to Alex as she grows, but to all of us, that if you want to do something big, something daring and grand and huge, then don’t automatically shrug and assume you’re too young, too old, too weak, too busy,... Read Post
March 28th 2012
The Somerville Public Library had its very first Teen Advisory Board Meeting last Wednesday and we are off to a good start. The group talked about designing a space that was special for teens and welcoming. Our teens suggested furniture that would be cozy and relaxing for when you just want to curl up with a good book and funky study booths for serious studying. They also liked the idea of general lounging. Gaming areas for electronics and board games were also encouraged. A lot of great... Read Post
March 28th 2012
Come to the Main Library, April 5th from 6-7 pm. Meet with staff and volunteers to generate ideas about fundraising possibilities for the West Branch Children’s Room.

Originally to be held at the West Branch, but since the Children’s Room is closed for repairs, the meeting will now be held at the Main Library.

Students from the Boston Architectural College recently shared plans they’ve created and so far the staff is intrigued by some of the ideas they’ve come up with.... Read Post