August 1st 2012
My parents say I fell in love with food at first bite, and I must say it is a romance that has not faded. I consumed any and all comestibles in my path, earning myself the embarrassing, but accurate nickname, “bottomless pit,” bestowed upon me by a friend’s dad. As soon as I was allowed to be alone in the kitchen, my proficiency at eating segued quite naturally into “cooking.” At age seven, I had convinced myself I would be a master chef/part-time firefighter/paleontologist/first woman in major... Read Post
July 30th 2012
The Flying Words Fair went wonderfully! People of all ages participated in and enjoyed activities such as haiku writing, crafts, circus yoga, a chain story, and a read aloud. The chain story reads as follows: "One upon a time…there was a very timid dinosaur named Jim. He didn’t have friends because he was a T-rex and all the other dinosaurs were scared of him. So he has no friends. One day he decided to change that! So he decided to throw a party. He hung lots of Balloons. He put up flyers... Read Post
July 20th 2012
While reading was an important and central part of my experiences at, and love for, the library, I do not think I would have been such a frequent visitor were it not for the excellent librarians. I was always greeted with warmth and care and developed a close bond with two of the children’s librarians, Cathy and Ann. They were always there to recommend books, share stories, and talk with me as long as I wanted about any subject. Looking back at the many hours I spent standing at their desk made... Read Post
May 7th 2012
Many SPL patrons and staff have responded generously to our call for  donations for the Elizabeth Peabody House food pantry. A big thank you to all who gave. Sadly, the need for food donations continues. The EPH food pantry provides an important service for the many people of Somerville who can never be sure of getting enough to eat. Even with the economy improving, more and more people need this service. The food pantry feeds approximately 200 families total per month, and signs up between... Read Post
April 9th 2012
The Somerville Public Library and the Somerville Reads team are pleased to introduce guest blogger Sarah Wolf. Sarah is a library volunteer who attended last Thursday night’s book discussion of Farm City, led by Jessie Banhazl. Many thanks to all who attended and especially Jessie and Sarah.  Read Sarah's post on the Somerville Reads Blog here.
September 11th 2011
Today is a day of reflection for many. As a nation we're still conflicted about what 9-11 meant—and means. Some view it as an inevitable Clash of Civilizations, others as a tragic and unforeseen consequence of decades of political decisions. Inevitably an event so overwhelming leaves a number of questions in its wake.  The best thing we can do ten years later is try to understand why and how such an event could occur. And today, of all days, we simply need to remember. Here are photos of 9-11... Read Post
August 30th 2011
A few days ago I noticed this bike in the basement. Today I noticed it was still there. I asked why there was a child's bike in the basement. Apparently it was left at the library one day last week, but no one has come looking for a lost bike.
December 14th 2010
Every December the talented Thy Toeum, one of our circulation staff members, makes delicate three-dimensional paper snow flakes and decorates the library with them. Examples at left. If you would like to learn how to make them yourself, Thy's giving a free class this Saturday, Dec. 18, from 1:30-4:00. Thy's very warm and likable. I can't imagine a better crafts teacher.
November 9th 2010
We will be closed Thursday, November 11, in recognition of Veterans' Day. Normal library hours resume Friday morning at 9 a.m.