Somerville and the Arts

January 10th 2015
A small art installation by the Somerville Arts Council's 2014 Multi-disciplinary Artist Fellow Kris Hatch has found a permanent home in two of the Somerville Libraries.  Stationed appropriately between the Mystery and Reference sections at the West Branch, 'The Book of Knowledge' is a Victorian curio cabinet that invites the viewer to become a part of the mystery.  A second "cabinet" can be found near the Mythology section of the Central Library. This project is supported in part by the... Read Post
March 2nd 2013
Free Teen Creative Writing Program at Somerville Public Library Are you a teen who likes to write stories about aliens, blogs, flash fiction, or poems? Are you interested in becoming a novelist, short story writer or poet? Somerville Public Library's Teen Creative Writing Program will offer teens writing exercises to flex their writing muscles in a fun, low-pressure, supportive environment. The Somerville Public Library is pleased to announce the start of a free Teen Creative Writing Program... Read Post
December 18th 2011
Somerville's a great town for the visual arts.  People put interesting ornaments or statues on their front porches and lawns, coffee shops double as mini-art galleries, and even switchboxes and outer walls of stores serve as canvases. Local artist Pauline Lim has a challenge for us all: find some more Somerville art—specifically some secular icons she's created and put around town (one is pictured at left.)  She's provided pictures and GPS coordinates for each one on her website. Anyone who... Read Post