January 11th 2011
Again with the snow! Due to expected severe weather the Libraries will be closed tomorrow.   The City will be operating with Emergency Staff only. For more information, visit the City's website or call 311.
March 29th 2010
Since we're on the subject of Haiti, I would like to point out a wonderful essay in the March 21 Boston Globe that explains an often overlooked chapter in the intense and often fraught relationship between the U.S. and Haiti.  We all know that our war of independence inspired Haiti's.  Many of us are also aware that the U.S. occupied Haiti for 19 years (1915-1934). And some of you may remember the 1994 U.S. intervention in Haiti that enabled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to finish his... Read Post
January 19th 2010
Mystery novelist, Robert B. Parker, died yesterday (1/18/10) at his home in Cambridge, MA.  He was 77.  You may know him best as the author of the "Spenser" series, a tough-talking, Boston-based private eye.  For more information about his death, you can look here and here.  Or, take a look back at an interview he did for the Globe in October of 2007. Here at the library, we have a lot of Parker's books.  If you're interested in reading the Spenser novels (which I highly recommend!), here is a... Read Post
November 19th 2008

 The final quarter in the U.S. Mint’s 10-year 50 State Quarters program will be released soon, if it hasn’t been already. Aloha, Hawaii!

To commemorate this milestone, the website Walletpop is asking people to vote for their favorite quarters. So far, the results (the numbers indicate the percentage of voters who like the design) look like this:   1. 94% Alaska and Maine (tie) 3. 91% Kentucky 4. 88% North Dakota and Oregon (tie) 6. 87% Arizona and Virginia (tie) 8. 86% Nevada, South... Read Post
June 24th 2008
side by side comparison of two statues, Clarence and Damoxenus

Here at the Central Library’s reference desk we have a companion – a statue of a Greek boxer who, in accordance with long-standing Library tradition, we call Clarence. Clarence is actually Damoxenus, and he has an interesting history.

“Damoxenus. A boxer of Syracuse, excluded from the Nemean Games for killing his opponent in a pugilistic encounter. The name of the latter was Creugas; and the two... Read Post

May 1st 2008
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