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October 28th 2012

We'll be closed tomorrow due to Sandy.  Stay safe everybody and we'll see you on Tuesday!

October 23rd 2012
I know a lot of people who are anxious about the election. Complete strangers  have shared with me their worries about what might happen on Nov. 6.  When I ask them what has them so worried, they mention polls. Well,  no less a self-confessed poll addict than David Brooks  of The New York Times explained this morning why reading polls is a waste of time: Scholars at Duke University studied 11,600 forecasts by corporate chief financial officers about how the Standard & Poor's 500 would... Read Post
October 16th 2012
Come to the East Branch Library on Thursday, October 18th at 7:00 p.m. and meet one of the nation's foremost authorities on Halloween, Lesley Pratt Bannatyne. Lesley will share her knowledge of Halloween in a talk and slide show. She will also be signing copies of her new book, Halloween Nation.

On a mission to define the modern Halloween, Lesley delves into the world of enthusiasts, fanatics, and subcultures including Goth, metal, and zombie. In a series of investigative... Read Post
October 4th 2012
On Tuesday, October 9th, the Friends of the Library invite you to attend their Somerville Public Library Benefit at Flatbread Company (45 Day Street in Davis Square.) A portion of the money from each pizza sold during the benefit will go directly to support programming and events at the three Somerville Library branches. Eat-in or take out. There will also be a small curated book sale and a wicked raffle. Prizes include; 2013 Burton snowboard $100 in LLBean gift certificates... Read Post
October 2nd 2012
We all know companies are tracking what we do online. And it's hard to protect ourselves and our information because businesses hire people to devote themselves full-time to digital snooping.  By contrast most of us don't have the time or the knowledge to effectively defend ourselves from the snoops. Fortunately some programmers out there have developed add-ons and extensions that can shield us from companies trying to track us and collect our information. Lifehacker has an excellent post on... Read Post
September 5th 2012
Join us this Saturday, September 8th at 3:00 p.m. as we welcome Too Human for a concert of jazz standards from the Great American Songbook. The concert will be held outdoors if the weather permits, otherwise, we'll be in the auditorium.

Too Human is an acoustic music act with vocals, guitar, percussion and upright bass. They perform jazz standards as well as their own originals. The program will include some of the great feeling songs from the American Songbook of the 20s, 30s... Read Post
September 4th 2012
The Hacker group Antisec has released over 1 million unique identifiers from Apple devices. The group claims to have collected the UDIDs last March by hacking a Dell notebook used by FBI agent Christopher K. Stangl. The group claims to have 11 million more they could release. You're probably wondering, what was the FBI doing with that information? Good question. No answer. The FBI says there's no evidence the UDIDs came from an FBI computer. And Apple won't say anything. Antisec claims to... Read Post
August 23rd 2012
Many of you may know the story of how Gizmodo writer Matt Honan was hacked at the beginning of the month: hackers deleted everything in his Google account, erased all the files on his iPhone, iPad and MacBook, and took over his Twitter account, using it to publish homophobic and racist comments. This hack was possible because of security flaws in Amazon and Apple, and because Honan daisy-chained many of his accounts (i.e., used the same passwords for different accounts). Fortunately, a service... Read Post
June 25th 2012
You may have heard that Facebook recently acquired the facial recognition technology company  Facebook will use this software to examine the photos your friends post online. If any of the faces in the photos match yours reasonably well, Facebook will send a message to whomever posted the photo, suggesting they tag the photo with your name.  This makes some privacy advocates uncomfortable. But let's, um...face it: Facebook already has a lot of information about all of us, our  online... Read Post
June 19th 2012
If you were in the Boston area in the 70s or 80s, chances are you had a least a passing acquaintance with Channel 56's Creature Double Feature. That beloved old series is the inspiration for our latest Community Curated film series, Saturday Morning Creature Show: Selections from WLVI's Creature Double Feature. The series kicks off at the Central Library this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. with Destroy All Monsters.

1968; Starring Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Manda, King Ghidora, and more!;... Read Post
June 13th 2012
Last month employment specialist Gary Gekow came to the Central Library and presented a great workshop on resume writing.  This month he's coming back with two more workshops for job seekers. Interview Workshop Wednesday, June 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This is an interactive and informal question and answer session where we role-play typical interview questions and how best to answer them.  The workshop also includes ways to avoid job candidates’ most common interview mistakes. Online Job... Read Post
June 4th 2012
Summer is right around the corner! Whether fireside, beachside, poolside, or cityside, kids will have some idle time to cozy up with a good book. Please join us for a discussion about good books to share with your kids this summer. Tammy McKanan, Somerville resident and homeschooling parent; Ann Downer, Somerville resident, author of Hatching Magic and Elephant Talk: the Surprising Science of Elephant Communication; Cindy Ritter, reviewer from The Horn Book; Ellen Jacobs, SPL librarian and... Read Post
April 26th 2012
What do you see yourself doing this Saturday morning? Laughing? Screaming? A little bit of both? We're right there with you, with the first series in our Community Curated film program.

Dan Kimmel, Somervillian, film critic, and past president of the Boston Society of Film Critics will be hosting this series. He will offer brief introductory remarks before each film, and there will also be time afterwards for comments, questions, and discussion. Dan’s books on film include The... Read Post
April 23rd 2012
Repairs are proceeding at the West Branch Children's Room.  Pipes are being replaced and the walls are being fixed. Re-painting and re-carpeting to follow.

Stay tuned....
April 22nd 2012
Are you looking for work? Do you have a job, but are looking for a new one? Come to the Central Library this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. We'll be holding a round table discussion of resumes led by employment specialist Gary Gekow. Mr. Gekow has 24 years experience in employment consulting, and has conducted over 300 employment in just the past three years. Bring your current resume for one-on-one feedback. You can read more about Mr. Gekow's workshops here. Our thanks to the Tufts Neighborhood... Read Post