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December 9th 2015
Income inequality: it's one of the most troubling issues we face. A presidential candidate has made it the focus of his campaign. Two years ago a book on the issue made a French economist into a media rock star. Even some billionaires are worried about it.  You may think it's something only the federal government can address, but as a Speaker of the House from this area famously said, "All politics is local," so go to the Alderman's chambers in City Hall tomorrow night to share your concerns... Read Post
November 20th 2015
Two copies of the Union Square Neighborhood Plan and the draft Fiscal Impact Analysis of Union Square and Boynton Yards are available at the library for public review and comment. The city Department of Planning and Zoning is accepting public feedback through noon of December 31. Their email address is Other contact information is available on their home page. The documents are in the upstairs reading room at the Central Library on the shelf beneath a window near the... Read Post
October 29th 2015
Wondering what to do on the upcoming weekend? The Friends of the Library  Book Sale starts at noon on Friday at the Central Library. It continues through Sunday. If you've got kids to entertain you could take them to the East Branch at 3 pm Friday for festive snacks and craft-making with their ever-so-much-fun children's librarian Meghan Forsell. The Boston Calendar has a list of events occurring this Saturday, many Halloween- themed, others not. And if you just feel like curling up with a... Read Post
October 1st 2015
In light of ongoing national conversations surrounding this topic, the City of Somerville invites residents to share their experiences, concerns, and ideas on race and racism in a new round of its Community Conversations Series beginning on Monday, October 5th. Organized by the Office of Health and Human Services, ‘conversations' will be held in each of the City's seven wards. Residents are invited to join these small-group discussions to share their experiences and learn from their neighbors... Read Post
September 11th 2015
Just a reminder: technology instruction classes at Somerville Community Access Television (90 Unions Square) start next month. Whether it's computer basics, getting the most out of your smart phone, or something else you want to know, instructors Erica Jones of SCATV and Heidi Downing of SPL are available to help. For more information or to schedule an appointment, go here.
September 10th 2015
Thank you for your patience.
September 9th 2015
We've had to close the East Branch Library due to an issue with the air conditioning. We apologize for the inconvenience and will let you know as soon as the branch opens again. In the meantime, lots of library goodness (and coolness!) is available at both the Central Library and the West Branch - please stop in!
August 17th 2015
..and if, like many residents of the Boston area, you don't have air conditioning, it's hot inside as well. Here are some tips from the CDC on keeping yourself and people you care about safe in hot weather. Greatist has a list of tricks for cooling down on hot summer nights. explains how to cool off by using low-tech ways to lower your body temperature. Want to get out of the house? Consider one of these local swimming pools.
July 20th 2015
Let's face it. It's too hot to cook. Too darn hot, as Cole Porter would say. Below are some links to recipes ideal for the hottest days of summer, most of which require little or no cooking: Weeknight Summer Dinners from the Food Network. Hot Weather Meal Ideas from the Good People at Pinterest. Recipes for Hot Weather Eating from The Kitchn. And my personal favorite, Mark Bittman's Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.
July 2nd 2015
Just a reminder.
April 22nd 2015
When Wikipedia first appeared in 2005, the excitement of Internet culture pundits was almost palpable.  An online encyclopedia that shared the knowledge of countless people from all over the world embodied the democratizing spirit of the web. "Behold the power of the people," gushed Wired.  And the idea behind  Wikipedia is inspiring: it's no respecter of persons or credentials. Wikipedia contributors just have to be willing to  do some work. But as many of us foresaw from the beginning, the... Read Post
April 13th 2015
As security goes, passwords aren't that great. Most of us can't think of an alphanumeric code that would stymie password cracking software. However, you're still going to need passwords for the foreseeable future.  Your ability to use the Internet is extremely limited without them. Edward Snowden himself has been taking some online flack for telling John Oliver that "MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY" is a secure password. Sure, it's a long(ish) phrase as passwords go, and the opinion expressed is... Read Post
March 17th 2015
Power. Ferocity. Majesty and mystery. Human beings have invested birds of prey with these qualities for thousands of years. Their abilities to do the amazing continue to inspire our thoughts and excite our imaginations. But which ideas about these birds are facts and which are fictions?  Come to the Central Library this Sunday (March 22nd) at 2:00 p.m. to find out!  This program uses live birds of prey to explore what makes a “bird of prey,” the role they play in the environment, and how... Read Post
February 19th 2015
All is back to normal.
February 19th 2015
Stay tuned for an update.