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March 21st 2013

Did you know that the Library subscribes to LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator, a resource that combines everything you need for a successful job search into one easy-to-use online application?  With this innovative job-hunting system, you can: Explore detailed information on over 1,000 different occupations Match your interests and skills with the career that's best for you Search over five million up-to-the-minute local and national job postings Search for internships,... Read Post
March 6th 2013
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It should come as no surprise to this city’s residents, but members of this diverse and vital community have a story to tell. And your library is going to help them tell it – thanks to a grant from the American Library Associaton and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which will enable us to launch our own version of the “StoryCorps @ your library” program. StoryCorps is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to recording, preserving, and... Read Post
February 11th 2013
The Somerville Public Library is doing something no other public library has done before. In a partnership with the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, the SPL's three branches are the first public libraries to have an "Awesome Box." (Harvard University has utilized these boxes in some of their libraries.) Pictured on the right, these boxes are near the regular return drop off points. Patrons who have particularly enjoyed a book, CD, movie or any other item can return the item to the Awesome Box.... Read Post
January 24th 2013
The Somerville Public Library will compete with the libraries in Arlington, Belmont, and Lexington in a Library Card Sign-Up competition throughout February.  These public libraries will perform outreach with local organizations and businesses to encourage residents to sign up for a library card (Somerville will give away prizes for new signees, culminating in the grand prize of an e-book reader.)  Participating businesses will offer a discount to customers who show their library card or... Read Post
January 22nd 2013
Do you want to learn Adobe Dreamweaver or Flash? Learn the basics of statistics? Get an electrician's license?  We've got a great new database for Somerville patrons who want or need to learn new skills. LearningExpress is a database of online tutorials and exams geared to the educational needs of children and teens and the vocational needs of adults.  The tutorials and online courses cover school subjects ranging from elementary school reading to AP calculus.   Computer software training... Read Post
January 17th 2013
Technology has changed the way we consume entertainment.  If you like cats, every minute Youtube uploads 72 hours worth of video (I am guessing 50% of which is cats doing funny things).  Video was supposed to kill the radio star in 1981, but in 2013 modern technology has not bumped radio off yet; to to contrary, we have satellite radio.  It would be hard to picture 20 years ago, pulling out your cell phone instead of a camera to take a picture, but that is where we are today.  Books have also... Read Post
August 17th 2012
Blogging on this site was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and favorite books with everyone. However, today is my last day as a Somerville Public Library staff member, therefore this will be my last blog post. I would like to say good-bye and thank you to all the staff for such a wonderful work experience. Maria is a kind and caring director. Ellen is so nice, kind-hearted, and helpful. I loved talking to Marita about good books. Ron is really friendly and a perfect... Read Post
July 20th 2012
Hi, this is Susan and Zoe! We just got out of an awesome meeting with the Teen Advisory Board. As you may or may not know, SPL is in the process of creating a space for teens to hang out, work, and collaborate. It will be located in what is now the Audio-Visual room (that stuff is going to be moved upstairs), and there are going to be a lot of great things about the new space. First of all, how many times have you gone to the library to work or hang out, and been told you were talking too loud... Read Post
July 18th 2012
I am working at the library because, first of all, I wanted a summer job. Many of my friends decided to participate in the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program and my older sister has done it last year. Based on all that, I decided to participate as well since it looks good on a resume, is good for college, and a good introduction to the working world.

On the application, there were 5 categories of jobs and you had to rank them in order of what you would like to do most.... Read Post

July 16th 2012
Hi everyone! I am Susan Hassan, a new part-time student employee at the Somerville Public Library. Next year, I will be a junior at Somerville High School. I love to read, shop, and travel. I excel academically and enjoy joining clubs and participating in community service. Next year, I will be the vice president of the community service club in the high school! I have been an SPF 100 youth leader for 2 years, which is a group of about 10 youth leaders under SCAP, where we work to reduce... Read Post
July 13th 2012
Hello! My name is Zoe Blickenderfer. I graduated from Somerville High School last month and I will be working at the Somerville Public Library for the next five weeks. During my stay, I will be blogging about the projects I am working on, events at the library, and books I am reading. As you may or may not know, right now the library is in the middle of redoing its invoicing system. This will be the biggest project that volunteers, Susan (the other student worker), and I will be focusing on.... Read Post
June 13th 2012
Last month employment specialist Gary Gekow came to the Central Library and presented a great workshop on resume writing.  This month he's coming back with two more workshops for job seekers. Interview Workshop Wednesday, June 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This is an interactive and informal question and answer session where we role-play typical interview questions and how best to answer them.  The workshop also includes ways to avoid job candidates’ most common interview mistakes. Online Job... Read Post
June 4th 2012
Summer is right around the corner! Whether fireside, beachside, poolside, or cityside, kids will have some idle time to cozy up with a good book. Please join us for a discussion about good books to share with your kids this summer. Tammy McKanan, Somerville resident and homeschooling parent; Ann Downer, Somerville resident, author of Hatching Magic and Elephant Talk: the Surprising Science of Elephant Communication; Cindy Ritter, reviewer from The Horn Book; Ellen Jacobs, SPL librarian and... Read Post
May 31st 2012
Last night yours truly and Kristi Chase of the City's Historic Preservation department gave a presentation on genealogical and house history research. Since most people remember research processes when they're given concrete examples, we took one house in Somerville and explained how to use library resources and local government document to find out how the house had been altered over the course of its existence and to find out who lived there since it was built. So technically, the... Read Post