Best of the Decade

February 22nd 2010
Well, I'm going to cheat a little by starting a year early.  The decade technically began in 2001, but 2000 was the release year of a movie I have to tell you about: Italian for Beginners.  Andreas is a recently widowed young minister who's been temporarily assigned to a church in a small Danish town.  He moves into the local hotel where he gets to know the lonely manager, Jorgen. Then there's Jorgen's friend, Finn, the manager of the hotel restaurant, who has an unfortunate tendency to... Read Post
February 12th 2010
I've enjoyed making these "favorite" lists.  It's nice to revisit the past and remember where you were when you read that book or saw that movie.  Ironically, a lot of my favorite films are from the first half of the decade.  I had more time on my hands in those days and was definitely an avid movie-goer.  Then movies got wicked expensive and I had a, now I stay home and feel thankful for library movies and Netflix. My list begins with a musical: Chicago (2002).  I'm a sucker for a... Read Post
February 2nd 2010
We had so much fun telling you about our "Best Books of the Decade" that we've decided to continue on with the best movies!  Well, "best"...come to think of it, that word doesn't really do much for me.  But these were some of my favorites, definitely. Whale Rider (2002) Thirteen-year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes received an Academy Award Best Actress nomination for her role as Pai, a young girl who believes that she should become the next chief of her people, the Whangara tribe of New Zealand... Read Post
January 25th 2010
I know my co-workers have given you enough book recommendations to keep you busy for the next few months, but can there really be too much of a good thing? Pundits have been lamenting the woes of the publishing industry and the end of reading for years now, but you wouldn't know it from the fabulous books that have been making their way into readers' hands--particularly mine. Let's start with fiction. Specifically, a religious novel. In my experience, fiction with religious themes often fails... Read Post
January 12th 2010
As promised, here is our next installment of best books read during the last decade.  My list is widespread, but each book now has a very special place in my heart.  They are the books I am constantly remembering, constantly suggesting to friends and patrons, and constantly glancing at on my home bookshelf, all with a smile.  I remain envious of those who can experience these wonderful books for the first time. My time as a children's librarian has greatly influenced this list, so that's where... Read Post
January 11th 2010
All over the universe media outlets are publishing lists of The Best Books of the Decade - here's one from The Boston Globe, and another from - so who are we to be behindhand?  But wait; our lists will have a twist.  Instead of limiting ourselves to books published in the last decade, we're listing favorites from among the books we've read in the past decade, regardless of when they were published.  Why?  Because we're like that, that's why.  Here goes. The Globe makes a point of... Read Post