Banned Books

September 4th 2018
Image of books that are banned by Jane Mount

It’s that time of year again: Banned Books Week is from September 23-29, 2018, celebrating books that a community or person has deemed as unfit or offensive and asked to be removed from a library, school or bookstore. Banned Books Week is a celebration of your freedom to read and your First Amendment rights!

Below are some staff picks of our favorite banned books!


Glenn, Library Director

Bible - Challenged for its religious viewpoints in schools

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August 9th 2017

Okay everyone, that time of year is back and the Somerville Public Library's annual banned books are back as well! On September 30th, please join us at the Somerville Public Library on 79 Highland Avenue for a virtual read-a-thon! Pick your favorite banned book and read an excerpt while the Somerville Media Center streams it live!

Titles, according to ALA, that have been most challenged in 2016 include:

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August 18th 2016

Books are usually challenged by a certain group or organization to restrict or remove the content. The purpose is  to prevent use by others. Common reasons books are banned are because of offensive language, sexually explicit material, homosexuality, violence, religious viewpoints, drugs and nudity.

Some commonly banned books that have been challenged in the past several years, surprisely enough, include:

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August 15th 2011

Last week the school board of Albemarle County, Virginia voted to remove A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes novel, from sixth-grade reading lists. The book had been added to the reading list to introduce sixth-graders to the mystery genre. However, a local parent object to the book, not because of the two murders that take place, but because the novel portrays Mormons in a negative light.

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