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After the Funeral and Other Stories After the Funeral and Other Stories by Tessa Hadley

These beautifully written stories have an astonishing psychology depth. Hadley is a master at evoking the emotional earthquakes taking place beneath seemingly ordinary events.

The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle by T.L. Huchu

Ropa Mayo is an unpaid intern with a magical organization based in Scotland, and is delegated the task of putting together the Society of Skeptical Enquirer's Biennal conference being held at Dunvegan Castle. Things take an unexpected turn when she is made responsible for solving the mystery of a stolen magical scroll. Thanks to old alliances, Ropa has help in the form of powerful ghosts inhabiting the ancient castle. The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle is the third book in Huchu's acclaimed Edinburgh Nights series.

The Shoemaker's Magician The Shoemaker's Magician by Cynthia Pelayo

The Grand Vespertilio show in Chicago is America's most beloved venue for horror films, but when a once lost silent movie becomes the focal point for a series of tragedies, avid horror fan Paloma must seek out the cause in order to protect her son. As bodies pile up in an abandoned historic movie palace, Paloma must seek out Grand, the dark clad horror show host, who is the sole figure surrounding these mysterious deaths.

Suburban Monsters: Thirteen Tales of Terror Suburban Monsters: Thirteen Tales of Terror by Christopher Hawkins

Award-winning author Christoper Hawkins offers 13 spine-chlling tales of dark secretes lurking in the shadows of modern-day suburbia. A perfect balance of whimsy and somberness, horror fans will love this unsettling debut collection.

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Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call For Change in Hollywood Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call For Change in Hollywood Maureen Ryan

New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller Burn It Down is an expose of the corruption, abuse, and worker exploitation in the entertainment industry, and the grassroots revolution by labor activists currently under way.

Eight Bears: Mythic Past and Imperiled Future Eight Bears: Mythic Past and Imperiled Future by Gloria Dickie

From award-winning journalist Gloria Dickie comes this thought-provoking study of the eight surviving bear species. She recounts her travels across the globe in search of sun and moon bears in Vietnam, spectacled bears in Ecuador and Peru, pandas in China, and polar bears, grizzlies, and black bears in North America. Based on meetings with key conservationists, Dickie heartwarmingly describes the efforts made to protect them in the wild.

The Pepperpot Diaries: Stories From My Caribbean Table Glitter and Concrete : A Cultural History of Drag in New York City by Elyssa Maxx Goodman

From Harlem Renaissance balls to RuPaul's Drag Race, journalist Elyssa Maxx Goodman provokingly narrates the stories of drag queens and kings of New York's gilded history. Glitter and Concrete sets a precedence as a testimony to the vital role of drag in the cultural life of New York City, chronicling its development as an art form, as a mode of liberation, and as a community-building phenomenon.

Lessons from the COVID War: An Investigative Report Lessons from the COVID War: An Investigative Report by The COVID Crisis Group

A plainspoken account of the nation's response to the worst peacetime crisis of modern times, and recommendations of how we can do better next time.

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Graphic Novels

From Hell: Being a Melodrama in Six Parts From Hell: Being a Melodrama in Six Parts by Alan Moore, illustrated by Eddie Campbell

The unsolved case of Jack the Ripper is perhaps the most infamous serial murder case in modern history. Speculations as to who the Ripper really was has spawned a multitude of conspiracy theories and potential cover-ups. From Hell showcases a number of those theories in breathtaking, hallucinatory grandeur. Although not new to the publishing world, this award-winning classic by reknowned graphic novelist Alan Moore is a must-read for any fan of The Watchmen or V for Vendetta.

Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars by Rick Louis, illustrated by Lara Antal

A candid and moving graphic memoir about a parent's heartwrenching journey with his terminally ill child, and the ultimate joy of being a dad.

Soichi: Junji Ito Story Collection Soichi: Junji Ito Story Collection by Junji Itō

These ten stories celebrate Itō's favorite antihero, Soichi, the manaical second son of the Tsujii family. Soichi's pranks drive his older brother, Koichi to have a soundproof room built. But why does it have four doors? And what about the handmade casket that the family inherited from the children's grandfather?

Ten Thousand Black Feathers Ten Thousand Black Feathers: The Bone Orchard Mythos by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, illustrated by David Stewart

Trish and Jackie discover that their latest role-playing adventure has blurred the line between dreams and reality, and a dark force is the cause. Ten Thousand Black Feathers is a part of acclaimed Bone Orchard Mythos.

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Movies/TV, Music & More


Ali and Ava Ali and Ava directed by Clio Barnard
Format: DVD

In this compelling and humorous love story, two people develop deep feelings for each other despite obstacles from their past.

American Dharma American Dharma directed by Errol Morris
Format: DVD

One of America's greatest documentary filmmakers interviews former White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, questioning him about his worldview, his past and his current feelings about President Trump.

Drylongso Drylongso directed by Cauleen Smith
Format: DVD

Drylongso is a rediscovered classic of 1990s cinema, and an incisive look at racial injustice in the United States. Art student Pica begins taking polaroids of the young black men in her Oakland neighborhood in order to chronicle their alarmingly short lives. Along the way, she befriends a young woman in an abusive relationship. This Criterion Collection release also includes rare short films and outtakes by Cauleen Smith.

Little Richard: I Am Everything Little Richard: I Am Everything directed by Lisa Cortés
Format: DVD

Little Richard: I Am Everything compellingly tells the story of the black queer origins of rock n' roll, and brings to light the life and work of one of rock n' roll's most innovative pioneers, Richard Pennimen-- better known to the world as Little Richard. Many legendary musicians owe a debt to him, and a few of them are interviewed in this documentary, such as Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney.

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