Update on Equifax: Assume Your Information Was Stolen

In a recent blog post I advised people to go to the website www.equifaxsecurity2017.com and input their name and part of their Social Security number to find out if their personal information was compromised. The current consensus is that the site itself is dysfunctional, returning conflicting reports to the same people at different times. In other words, Equifax itself is currently incapable of telling you if you've been put at risk.

So what can you do? First place a fraud alert with one of the three major creditor monitoring companies (for example, TransUnion). That company will place the alert with the other two on your behalf. A fraud alert requires businesses to contact you and verify your identity whenever an effort is made to open an account in your name. Furthermore, contact the three major credit agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and, yes, Equifax) and place a credit freeze. To find out what that is and how to do it, go here.


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