Privacy and Windows 10

First, I would like to thank James O’Keefe and Dr. Steve Revilak for their great work at SPL’s cryptoparty last weekend. They were very generous with their time and expertise. Several people left at the end of the day with their smartphones and laptops optimized for online privacy.

Second, let’s talk about Windows 10. If you’re a pc user, this latest Microsoft operating system will almost certainly be thrust upon you at some point. There’s something very important you need to know: the default settings on Windows 10 give Microsoft the capacity to send reams of data from your pc to Microsoft’s servers and use your own bandwidth. You can change settings in Windows 10 to reduce the tracking and data mining the system allows by default, but Windows does not make those settings easy to find. Fortunately has a step-by-step guide to reclaiming your privacy from Windows 10. You might also want to take a look at this guide on tweaking privacy settings from TechRadar.

If you’re interested in learning  about protecting your online privacy even further, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide to Surveillance Self-Defense.

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