The Lonely Library Creates a Virtual Teen Room

empty library teen room

I remember the good old times when I was filled with lively teens because I was a fun place for them to be with their friends. They always made me feel like I was a good place to be in and to work in. Without the youth of Somerville, I’ve become really quiet and sometimes it does get lonely.  

I always hosted fun games and activities for the youth and always boosted the mood and morale in the room. I remember hosting fun activities like awesome Fortnite games, Connect-4, and pizza day. The one activity that I found the most entertaining were the Fortnite games. The boys always seemed so focused into the game and would always have friendly arguments about who is better. Another activity that always made my room a fun place to be was the juicy gossip told over a fun game of Connect-4. I always learned something new about each kid that walked through the door. Finally, I remember the pizza days when lots of teens that I have never seen before showed up with their friends to eat pizza. This event made me happy because it's a way of seeing the youth of Somerville bonding as one. 

I miss you guys a ton, and I would like to see each and everyone of your faces when this pandemic is cleared out. Even though the teen room isn't open physically in the library, you could always join us and get together with your friends online. The online bonding takes place every Wednesday at 3pm through August 19. Sign up to join us!

Guest post by SPL Summer Intern Richard B.

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