Inside is Closed, But There's A Lot Going On Around the Library


Even though you can't come inside, you can still visit the Central Library. Check out the SHS construction - it's impressive!

SHS Construction

Make your way up the ramp (you never know who you'll meet!) and hang out to play chess or use the wifi.

Turkey at the Somerville Public Library 

Have a peek at the garden and see what we've got growing.

Somerville Public Library Raised Bed Gardens

A lot of things have changed, but one thing that hasn't - you are welcome here!

Welcome to Contactless Pickup

Guest post by SPL Summer Intern Richard B.


This turkey gets around!! We see it regularly around Laurel Street and all around the Central Street/Summer Street/Somerville Avenue area. It strolls down Laurel Street from Summer to Somerville Ave. almost every night. Last week, the brazen bird caused a brief traffic jam as it meandered across Laurel Street. Didn't know it traveled as far as the library - but it must enjoy reading, since I've seen it near a little free library on Summer. A neighbor says it's so sassy, it must be a woman ! So we've taken to calling her Laurel. It's great to have a neighborhood mascot!!

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