Handmade, Small Press Zines at the SPL

Small Press Collection at the Somerville Public Library

Did you know that the Library has a few hundred zines? They range from comic books, to small treatises on birds or movies, to poetry chapbooks, to pamphlets on how to intervene when a stranger is being abusive to another stranger

Most of these items are hand-made, self-published, and printed in very limited numbers. Since many of them are locally-produced and cover topics of local interest, they offer a wonderful window into the minds of our neighbors. And as a group, they document the evolving concerns of our community. 

Our zine collection is located at the Central Library at 79 Highland Ave. During the current health crisis, items from this collection can be requested for curbside pickup. 

Curious what we have? Click here for a full list. 

And here are some of our favorites:

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