January 10th 2013
The title of this post is the latest of the comments library users have sent to masslibraries.tumblr.com. People from all over the state have written in to say what their libraries mean to them: "My library is the heart of the town." "My library has been a friend." "It's my favorite thing my tax dollars get spent on." Post to masslibraries.tumblr.com and write about *your* library.        
January 8th 2013
A few months ago I wrote a post about the joys of reading collections of letters.  My introduction was clumsily worded, so I was delighted to find a statement by Eudora Welty on the value of letters. She says it far better than I ever could: "All letters, old and new, are the still-existing parts of a life...clamorous with the moment's happiness or pain."   That sense of being part of someone else's life is doubled in the collections I discuss below: each one is a window into a relationship. In... Read Post