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After the Celtics score last night, some of the Boston fans out there may be a tad disappointed or feeling like basketball is over for the year. Well, it doesn't have to be. Basketball doesn't have to be over as long as there are books to be read. In fact, the Somerville Public Library has quite a sports section. Some titles your local librarian recommends include:


The book of basketball : the NBA according to the sports guy / Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons, the from-the-womb hoops addict known to millions as's Sports Guy, offers in a single volume his wildly opinionated and thoroughly entertaining look at the past, present, and future of pro basketball.




The basketball book / Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated Cover

Highlighted by dozens of photographs, a celebration of America's college and professional basketball teams captures the great teams, players, games, memorabilia, artifacts, and important moments throughout the more than one hundred years of basketball history.


Rebound! : basketball, busing, Larry Bird, and the rebirth of Boston / Michael Connelly.

In the mid-1970s, the city of Boston entered a period of upheaval on both its historic cobblestone streets and its legendary parquet basketball court. The Boston Celtics' long dominance of the NBA came to an abrupt end, and the city's image as a hub of social justice was shaken to its core. When the federal courts declared, in 1974, that the city was in violation of school desegregation rulings and would need to institute a busing program, Boston became deeply polarized.

Then, just as the city was struggling to pull itself out of economic and social turmoil, the Boston Celtics drafted a forward from Indiana State named Larry Bird. Upon the arrival of the "Hick from French Lick" to Boston in 1979, the fates of team and city were reborn. Pride, championships, reduced crime, and an economic boom re-emerged in Boston.

In Rebound!, author Michael Connelly chronicles these parallel but intertwining worlds. It is an account of a city in financial, moral, and social decline brought back to life by the re-emergence of the Boston Celtics dynasty and the return of hope, purpose, and pride to "Hub of the Universe." Interviews with city officials, former players, and others on the frontlines provide a fascinating exploration into this tumultuous time.

Or not a Celtics fan....try the Red Sox!


The story of the Boston Red Sox / Michael E. Goodman.

"The history of the Boston Red Sox professional baseball team from its inaugural 1901 season to today, spotlighting the team's greatest players and most memorable moments"--Provided by publisher. Baseball Players on a book cover.


All Descriptions are taken from the Minuteman Catalog.


If your want to know where our sports section is, just come on in and ask a librarian!

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